Day 2. The Travel Mambo

…first things first: today is…hmmmm. Honestly, I’m not sure what the day is.  But I’m fairly certain this is the third day of airports, frantic phone calls to anyone who’ll listen, and surprisingly enjoyable JetLite mambo- dance-while-you’re-on-hold music.  (it’s really good… if you have some free time, i seriously recommend you check it out)

So things have been a little crazy (understatement?).  And in view of this eventful beginning a few ‘thank you’s’ are certainly in order:

First, to our famillies and friends who’ve been on call, helping to find numbers, make calls, look up addresses, etc, etc, etc, etc, and give much needed encouragement.  We are truly so thankful. (p.s. Mom- you seriously should consider a second life as a data mining and information research specialist…incredible…)

Second, to Carolyn and Dorn in Memphis… your excitement and warmth were such a relief after lots of confusion and exhaustion. And your vision and passion for living out the way of Jesus is inspiring, truly inspiring. That’s what we want our lives to look like. So keep loving people, bringing hope and reconciliation.

Third, to our good friends and brothers John and Zach…you hold Jersey down. How great it was to see your ragged faces at the airport. Good friends, a warm house, and the best homeade Philly cheesestake subs I’ve ever had. Your passion for people, redemption, and figuring out how to live all of this out intensifies our own strivings.  Thanks for being really good friends, for your lives and great conversations. Keep following Jesus.

Fourth, the lady at the Continental counter in Memphis. Thanks for making the flight to Jersey possible and for smiling a lot.

Fifth, and seriously one of my new favorite people: Roshenani (rosh-nee), one of the operators for JetLite. You were so incredibly helpful and patient and you gave a little glimmer of hope when it looked like no one would help us. Without you, I’m certain I’d still be on hold listening to incredible hold music,  in the midst of an emotional breakdown.

I realize all of this sounds like a book thank you and I should’ve thanked my publisher and editor and such, but there have been so many people a part of this trip already that I really wanted to show our gratitude.  So thank you so very very much.


A brief update: today we found out that India is one of the few countries requiring visas to enter the airport, even if you’re routing through to another country.  In short, we didn’t know this until we were at the ticket counter getting our boarding passes in Memphis. Yes we agree, this was not ideal, we should’ve know this before, how could we not know this, why didn’t anyone else help give us this small but vital piece of info, how could we not know this, we should’ve figured this out before, how could we not know this already…yeah.

So what ensued was several hours of frantic phone calling and figuring out some of the most creative ways to get to Kathmandu. We considered getting rid of our checked bags so we wouldn’t have to go through customs in Delhi (because we’re changing airlines our bags couldn’t be shipped straight through to Kathmandu…so because they couldn’t be shipped through, we would’ve had to get our bags, go through customs, and re-enter the airport, which requires a visa…if you’re confused, we completely understand). We tried getting in touch with someone who could add our trip from Delhi to Kathmandu onto our Continental itenerary…that meant calling Jet Airways who, after explaining the entire dilemma, let me know I needed to call JetLite (more rockin’ music)…who were again very helpful and gave me a few other numbers to call.  But then we found out that we had to have visas regardless of whether our entire trip itenerary moved us through India to another country.  So, we tried finding other cities outside of India that we could fly to and then continue on to Kathmandu…Continental doesn’t have any other way into Nepal except through India.  Finally, our friend at the Continental counter helped us with another option of possibly getting visas in New York. So now we’re in Jersey, preparing to go to the Indian consulate tomorrow to turn in visa applications and hopefully get them back early Wednesday.  If we get our visas back in time on Wednesday, then we’ll catch a flight from Jerseyto  Delhi on Wednesday night.  And we wanted an adventure…

Incredibly, the preceding paragraph probably took you a couple of minutes to read (possibly more if you really tried to figure out what was going on and then happened next), but in real time lasted from our arrival at the Memphis airport around 11:30am until now… 1:40am the following day.


So thanks for reading and helping and praying and just believing in us. Off now to get our visa applications ready. 

grace and peace

Patrick Covert/photographer/mambo-dancer


5 Responses to “Day 2. The Travel Mambo”

  1. Wow… awesome and not awesome at the same time…

    Well I think I figured out what happened there, an hope it all works out.

  2. Hang in there guys. We know it will happen and it will be amazing. Praying for you all.

  3. shepard,
    hope your keeping the lens open through these crazy, ridiculous, and what i’m sure at times will prove to be slightly humorous video opportunities. your quite talented. can’t wait to see the end result of this little adventure.

    caleb and patrick,
    love you guys a bunch. hang in there. love people. can’t wait to see you on the other end of your adventure… to hear stories of how god’s transformed the lives of others and yourselves.

    grace and peace
    zachary crow

  4. You guys have the stamina of a herd of elephants! You have worked all day from early morn until after midnight this evening and you are probably still working—so, what motivates you all, one might ask? All of us, the parents of the three of you know the answer. It is your love for God, His glory to be solidified by your presence, in the flesh, in Nepal. I am always amazed at the persistence and insistence that people have when they are following God and living out His call in their lives. Hang in there, everyone back home (all over the country it sounds like) is praying for you all and your success. And don’t worry about not knowing about the visa’s, i have been all over the web since you all started formulating this adventure in november, and i never saw any mention of the visa in all the blogs, forums, etc, etc, that i read—-so go punish yourselves by eating some more of mrs. sniders delicious cheese-steak-philly-subs! man, that sounded good—(could you ask her for the recipe?) — thank you mrs. snider for taking such good care of our “adventurers”—if you ever want a trip to houston, you can stay here! i don’t know if i can match your cooking expertise, but we would love to repay the kindess you have shown!
    John 14:27–Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
    Good night travelers–namaste—

  5. Sorry to hear about visa delays — make a note for next mission trip: Google for travel to countries requiring visas! Figured you would’ve asked advice from those who had made international travels beforehand. Thankfully, God has made a way for you!

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