Day 1. Working all things for good…

We are slowed but not stopped. Though, due to bad weather, our flights from Memphis to Deli India were canceled we will still be traveling to Nepal with only a 24 hour delay. Thankfully some relations of Patrick’s in Memphis have graciously taken us in and hosted us until our new flights on the 22nd. We are in very good spirits despite the delay because it has afforded us a much needed short rest and preparation period.

Tomorrow we fly! Keep up those prayers and thank God that he has turned a potentially discouraging situation into a blessing.

Sleep calls… we will keep you posted.

Caleb Meeks/officiated fearless leader

Update/Emergency Prayer Request: The Travelers have been stopped in the Memphis, TN airport. They will not be allowed on their flight to Deli, because they do not have visas to India where they have a separate flight to Katmandu. Please pray that God will move on behalf of Shepherd, Caleb and Patrick.

Right now they are trying to obtain visas in less than a 2 hour period.


One Response to “Day 1. Working all things for good…”

  1. So glad to hear from you! Keep us posted constantly, as we will be praying for you all constantly!!!

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