caleb filming in Tanzania

Looking Back

I still have dirt from Nepal in the corners of my luggage.   It is hard to believe it has not even been a year since we set out on our journey.

I am amazed at how much has change these past months.  In Nepal, words like, adventurer, leader, or story teller, would describe me.  Those words still apply but now they have stepped aside for much larger more important titles like, husband, dad, and team member.  No cameras follow my steps these days but if they did they would capture a second pair of feet as well; smaller and more beautiful.  I married the love of my life Kristina in May and we are now expecting our first child this coming April.  The path our feet follow has lead to a small tribal village near the coast of East Africa.  I would have never guessed this path.  Through much seeking and asking God for leading we have come to find the Makonde tribe of south eastern Tanzania and will be richly blessed to live among them.

“Why did I need to go to Nepal?”  I have asked God recently.  The best answer I have is that God had other purposes; that my journey to Nepal was not the final destination but an important point that plays into something that I don’t see but trust is there.  I guess I have learned to never assume I know why God is leading one way or another but to trust that he knows where we are going.

I still get excited when I think about how much there is to be done, discovered, uncovered, and known about and for the people there.  It also thrills me to think of the potential number of young people that could be challenged by the film.  How could their stories affect Nepal, and the world?  Maybe they are the answer to my question.

For Kristina and I, our path is clear and the future is bright.  Makonde land here we come!

Caleb Meeks