Day 6. London

London. At what is 1:02 AM at home I am sitting in a dining room waiting for Caleb and Patrick. I have been up for a couple hours now and I am waiting for tea and my first English continental breakfast. The sun hasn’t risen yet, but I intend to capture that on my camera. Here is one instance where the time change of 6 hours is an advantage.
London is different than I expected. Having come from New York City I almost expected a similar vibe. So London is fairly busy, but friendlier and more tasteful by far. I love it and I think I could stay here.

But this is only a stop on the way. There still lies about 50 hours of travel before we at long last reach our destination. This project and trip has become more and more about the journey and I think I am becoming more or less glad for that. I find it challenging to have so little control over our travel and the story we set out to tell. That is good, it is stretching me. So far God has kept us healthy, and brought us the right people on our way. It is exhilarating to be in new places and experience new things, and I am thankful for the opportunity to do so.

I am amazed by the journey at this point, having nearly seen this dream die at the gate. We are on our way, and we have managed to push through what has been one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced. God has stretched us. We have no idea what is coming next, but I am not afraid. I am certain He intends to use whatever circumstances and challenges to shape us and grow us into mature followers of His gospel.

Shepherd/morning dweller/connoisseur of cheap food


3 Responses to “Day 6. London”

  1. Hey Friends!

    Hooray, London!!! You’ve made it to the other side of the Pond!!! Fantastic!!! We’re so excited that God has brought you to this place, and we can’t wait to see where else He takes you. Shepherd, I hope you enjoy your tea this morning. Wish I was sitting and sipping with you! (….Hey, see if you can find out for me what exactly it is they put in “Earl Gray”….) :)

    As we hope you know, none of you are far from out thoughts, all throughout the day. We are committed to praying you through this wonderful experience. We are fully confident that God is doing a good work through you. Hang on!! :)


    (P.S. Patch, I love you bro!! Big hug from your sis!!)

  2. Love the photo!!! Keep those coming they are a beautiful and powerful way to give us a real glimpse. Makes a mother (and fan) happy to see!

    I love tea time too!

  3. Good evening glob trotters! The photo today is very creative and depicts this adventure nicely! London seems to have been wonderful to you all! How exciting to spend several hours/days in the country that holds such a quaint and old part of our heritage. I think it thrills the family members almost as much as you, to read about it all. It is “heritage” which binds us together–whether it be country, family, or the greatest of all, Christ. Thank you for feeding that family in London. It is humbling to think that your hands and feet for the Savior, fed people there. Path crossings, ocean crossings, culture crossings—all possible because of Jesus and His heritage of grace. You all are amazing!
    Good night travelers–namaste

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