A Departure Poem

Twas the night before departure and all through the dorm

not a student was stirring, which is out of the norm.

I in my thermals and Patrick in his cap

had just started packing stuff in our pack.

When out of the blue my cell phone gave a ring;

so I leapt to retrieve it with one giant spring.

And what with my wondering ears did I hear

but Shepherd Ahlers with questions of gear.

Up in the morning after waving good byes

we will head to Memphis with moistened eyes.

As the runway shrinks away below

we will make our plans to make a show.

But, till our journey has taken flight,

“Happy blog reading to all, and to all a good-night!”

Caleb Meeks/ engineer/part time poet


5 Responses to “A Departure Poem”

  1. Caleb, I love your poem! How amazing you allowed yourself the freedom to create, the night before your trip. Either you were super organized or poetry comes to the stressed mad-packer. I’ll guess you were organized :)

  2. Caleb. Great poem. Where did you get such talent? Dad

  3. JUST NOW checking/reading your blog on your journey to Nepal…so sorry, Christmas w/ family and all . . . praying for you daily from here on out.

  4. What a great poem!
    Your optimism is contagious and your “iambic pentameter” is true talent—perhaps your signature should read: Caleb Meeks/poet/part-time engineer! :)

  5. i hope to be reading some poetry inspired by you travels to Nepal:)

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